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LED Collar & Leash

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Glowpupps led collar & leash is a high-end pet accessory shop designed to enhance both safety and style during outdoor activities.

 The collar features integrated LED lights that provide high visibility, making it easier to keep track of your furry friend in low-light conditions. With adjustable settings, you can choose between steady light or flashing modes to suit different environments.

The matching LED leash complements the collar, ensuring that both you and your pet are visible to others, whether you're taking a nighttime stroll or heading out on an adventure. This product not only adds a modern touch to your pet's wardrobe but also offers peace of mind knowing that your pet is visible and safe, no matter the time of day.




Glowpupps is a brand illuminating accessories for dogs, aimed at enhancing their charm and visibility during nighttime activities.

These radiant adornments not only foster a sense of style for canine companions but also prioritize their safety and add a touch of magic to evening adventures.

We believe in putting you and your pet's safety and well-being above all else.
From the start of our process to the final creation, these values guide us to ensure that you're choosing more than just a product – you're choosing a partnership dedicated to prioritizing what matters most: you and your beloved companion.

No, Glowpupps is specifically produced to insure you and your dog's comfort


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“As a dog owner who prioritizes safety without compromising on style, Glowpupps has exceeded my expectations. It offers the perfect balance of both, and seeing my dog strut around confidently while wearing it brings me immense satisfaction.”

“I found this product very useful cause we like going for long walks at night. The quality is good and my dog looks prettier with it. I definitely recommand it.”

“Rocky's evening walks are brighter and safer with his glowing leash and collar. No more lost pup worries!”

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